How to improve skin quality during cancer treatment?

It is difficult to understand that the needs of the skin change when one is affected by cancer, but it is true that, in this case, our skin requires more hydration, more softness and more naturalness . The scalp is irritated, the nails are brittle, and the skin is extremely dry. The skin is our barrier against external aggressions and when it becomes drier, its effectiveness decreases and its sensitivity increases and a vicious circle begins.

Conventional or synthetic products fall short. And we arrive at a paradox: there are few products designed for the skin of cancer patients, despite the fact that the number of people affected is increasing, especially older people*, who already have more demanding skin.

As a company we want to contribute our grain of sand by supporting The fight against breast cancer and the campaign #sumatealrosa , that's why our experts have created these tips with the best care and natural products that can help you in the process.

So, some tricks to help take better care of our skin during illness:

• Avoid showering too often.
• Avoid very hot baths.
• Use a neutral soap and above all without alcohol
• Apply cream
• Avoid exposure to the sun without protection.
• Drinking water
• Use an air humidifier, especially when the air is dry or in winter. • Use an air humidifier, especially when the air is dry or in winter.

The natural shield to recover flexibility and comfort!

When looking for natural and effective alternatives to strengthen and protect your skin, you will surely have found the Aloe vera and the ylang ylang like star plants ** The important thing is that the assets you choose can penetrate deep into the skin, to really work in the tissues and not just stay on the surface. A good idea may be the use of essential oils, which have this "lipophilic" property: they penetrate instantly due to their great affinity with the skin, without leaving any greasy trace.

You find them in their most concentrated and pure form in the " skin care oil - rosehip and always alive  of PURESSENTIEL ®. Ecological (good choice when our skin loses its barrier function and can let more irritating products through), 100% pure : it is a 3-in-1 intensive repairer: it can be used as a make-up remover oil, and/or as a facial cream and/or as a body moisturizer, at all ages. Calms irritations and improves elasticity.

In order not to lose the benefits of this elixir and not to harm the skin, use a natural soap such as VEGETALEMENT PROVENCE ® in the shower:

• or in your version 100% VEGAN : the organic “ olive oil bar ” (naturally contains antioxidant vitamin E)
• or in its ultra nutritious version, 3 in 1 body, hair and face: the “ solid shampoo ” with donkey's milk and egg yolk.

And fundamental: take care of the environment!

Improving indoor air quality will be a big change, even for the whole family. It is the function of the “ oxygen diffuser ” of PURESSENTIEL ®. Very quiet because it works with a tablet that releases ultrasound, which transforms the water into micro-drops, lasts 12 hours and turns itself off. With or without essential oils. Try it with 5 to 15 drops of the “ Positive Energy ” blend that diffuses peppermint to uplift your mood, or with the “ ZEN ” blend that diffuses soothing sweet orange.
A double pamper to hydrate your skin and clear your mind.

* Data from the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology:
* * For any doubt, always ask for medical advice beforehand