Marcas que contaron con nosotros

Values ​​of our brand

Empathy: We have always been taught to listen to the consumer, to understand their needs instead of launching a new product without a soul, in order to offer quality at a fair price.

Loyalty: Whenever we are faithful to a brand, it is because we have gutted it, because we know it thoroughly, we choose it and it corresponds to us, because we have seen its results and durability. We want to build a relationship.

  • Self-respect to start. To reveal the well-being of each person and help them discover their potential.
  • Respect for others , For the dignity of people, groups and communities.
  • Respect for our environment to contribute to society in a positive way and participate in an available project.

At Sentidea , we want to be your trusted person to recommend the natural, healthy and efficient product you need. A personalized way of taking care of yourself, a luxury.

Other services we offer are:

The best for you

We manufacture tailor-made olfactory marketing products

The best feeling for your local

We install broadcast systems


We train individuals and professionals