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ELIXIRS & CO | Ref: 1080010

Organic anti-stress fragrance for the home 55 ML

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The organic anti-stress home fragrance with Bach flowers from Elixirs and Co eliminates tension and brings peace and serenity.


- Agrimony: helps to find the right words and express them in situations.

- Oak: to get away from mental hyperactivity.

- Impatiens: to calm the nerves on the surface.

- White chestnut: to stop spinning your head.

- Pine: to stop blaming yourself and feeling guilty.

- Wild apple: to stop exhausting yourself with perfectionism.

- Verbena: brings calm and tranquility when you are overwhelmed.

The organic anti-stress home fragrance with flowers from Bach Elixirs & Co eliminates tension and brings peace and serenity. Composed of natural active ingredients such as organic Bach flowers and essential oils, this fragrance helps you start the day by taking care of yourself to avoid stress or when you come home at night after a difficult day. The essential oils of Bergamot and Lavender are mixed with those of Sage and Eucalyptus and provide their complementary relaxing virtues to those of the Bach flowers to find calm and serenity.

For those who live under tension or pressure, in periods of hyperactivity in their professional or personal life or when the feeling of overwhelm overcomes and pushes them to do more and more, the stress room fragrance brings calm and serenity.

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Fragancia orgánica antiestrés para el hogar 55 ML