Away on vacation or here at home, we all want to enjoy the good weather this summer! Good morning has several rhymes... For this reason we have prepared the 5 essential Puressentiel products to take care of yourself and ENJOY :

The Purifying Air Spray

Our Purifying Air Spray It allows to treat and purify polluted indoor air and helps to eliminate bad odours. It has a double use: Air and Textiles, thus helping to breathe cleaner air, limiting daily sources of contamination, epidemics or allergies... All this to improve the quality of life. It is the only natural purifier with efficacy proven by 12 studies!

At home, in the Airbnb, in the hotel... you have to have it with you!

Skin Care Oil

To show off beautiful exposed skin in the lightest suits, take advantage of the Skin Care Oil . Without any synthetic additives, with Immortelle and Rosa Mosqueta, it is a daily care for the face, chest and body. It acts for fragile or flaccid skin or with signs of aging, for stronger and younger skin, day after day!

Discover our beauty oil with helichrysum, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang. … . 100% ecological.

After sun spray

The sun can hit hard in summer and burns are never pleasant, take care of your skin with the Spray after the Sun. For all ultra-sensitive skin, it has an intense repairing and calming effect. In addition, it protects the skin, anti-aging, anti-oxidant all year round.

You'll see, you'll never get tired of its refreshing Aloe effect.

And… Our exceptional duo: the Roller SOS Cabeza and the Rolles SOS Viajes

Discover an SOS format with our Rollers: The Roller SOS Travel , without risk of drowsiness, to combat nausea and discomfort, also prevents dizziness and aids digestion. He Roller SOS Head , with its "cool effect" ball, to calm cervical tension and relief from the first 5 minutes. Both with 100% natural essential oils

No travel or headaches, only good times ahead!


You have everything to optimize the chances of having a good summer and enjoying yourself!

ENJOY the #veranopuressentiel

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