Cosmetics and nature come together... against cellulite in this Slimming Puressentiel dry oil, an incredibly concentrated elixir of 18 essential oils in optimal dosage.

They act in synergy in a fast, lasting and effective way to help fight orange peel skin, providing the skin with firmness and elasticity.

Its effectiveness is proven:
• Reduction in the appearance of cellulite for 95% of users ¹ ,
• 100% of women have firmer skin! ²
• 98% user satisfaction ³ A record level of satisfaction since launch!
• Nº1 of slimming dry oils sold in pharmacies

Win the war against the rebel areas!

With the Puressentiel ⁵ Cellulite Set for Rebel Areas : 2 Dry Slimming Oils 100ml + 1 Celluli-Vac® Cellulite Suction Cup

This box combines the strength of the 18 100% pure essential oils of the Puressentiel Slimming Dry Oil with the power of the palper-rouler massage of the Celluli-Vac® Cellulite Suction Cup to stimulate circulation, eliminates fat, tones the skin, promotes drainage and has a calming action .

Seeing yourself and feeling good has never been so easy and natural!

Easy to use, this special “stubborn areas” cellulite “vacuum” works on all types of cellulite . A few minutes a day on each stubborn area are enough to have visible results :

• Significant improvement in cellulite.
• Stimulates circulation. The skin is firmer, more toned, more elastic and softer.
• Spray combats all types of cellulite.
• Suitable for multiple areas: belly, buttocks, thighs, legs and arms.
• Draining action: reactivates the microcirculation of the legs.
• Quickly absorbed: without a greasy or sticky texture.
• It is not phototoxic.


Dry Oil: On dry skin, perform a massage in the desired areas in the direction of circulation (from bottom to top). The massage should be firm with repetitive movements and last a few minutes. If possible, apply 2 times a day.

Celluli Vac®: Complete protocol for use inside the bag


1 : Reduces the appearance of cellulite
2 : Clinical study by a dermatologist on 20 women after 60 days of twice daily use
3 : Testing Experts aufeminin.com on 50 volunteer women after 7 days of using the Dry Oil
with the Celluli-Vac® Suction Cup
4 : Source Celtipharm – Consumer departures – Pharmacy sales – Business volume and Units
sold until the end of February 2017
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6 : Suction cup effect
7 : Improving the appearance of pinched and non-pinched cellulite
8 : Clinical study and use test on 20 women after 28 days of use of Slimming Dry Oil with 18 essential oils with the Celluli-Vac® Cellulite Suction Cup