It seems that we are hibernating in this cold, but we need to keep moving and taking care of ourselves. Because? Simply because changes in temperature affect our skin and changes in diet as well. I raised my hand who, like me, has eaten more fat, sweet or salty than usual this holiday season without leaving the sofa!

Our skin and our hair need more hydration to combat the dryness of heating, more energy to reactivate our metabolism and all this very naturally so that we want to follow these good guidelines that we propose .

First: hydration. It's easy to improve air quality, moisten our nose and prevent dehydration of our skin with a humidifier at home! It is recommended to have a humidity of around 40% at home: to achieve this in dry areas such as Madrid and the South of Spain, we especially recommend the OCELIA model that meets the 3Bs that we like so much. It is the only one on the market that is guaranteed for 5 years, it has gone through all the tests! We can add an essential oil of lemon, for example, to transform the mist of water into a cheerful perfume.

Second: energy. Here, there are many clues. We at Sentidea do not use the word “detox” despite the fact that it is fashionable at this time: we are not in a Detox phase, especially in January because our body is filtering and eliminating toxins at all times. You will not perform a different detox by eating or drinking that food (or not eating or drinking another either). What the body does need is a "balanced", which we can do very simply with our ALOE VERA ecological. The Aloe Vera that we have chosen is PURE, irrigated with spring water and preserves all the trace elements and vitamins that we will enjoy to the fullest thanks to its artisanal production process. Without preservatives, it is unique in Spain.

To our Aloe vera, we can add a drop of lemon essential oil as a digestive system tonic. We can also add it to a teaspoon of honey to dissolve it in an infusion.

The infusion at this time is an astute option to drink water and benefit from the stimulating properties of the plants. Try our "Detox" recipe as it is said by mixing in equal parts the organic plants of VEGETALEMENT PROVENCE from artichoke , linden bark , black currant , elder .**