Did you know that 33% of the population is affected by allergies, with allergic rhinitis being the most common allergy?

As reported by Esther Velázquez Amor, an allergy specialist at Quirón Sagrado Corazón, allergic diseases affect 33% of the population ¹ , rhinitis, especially allergic, is a frequent pathology: its prevalence in Europe reaches 21% in adults ² , 8.5% in young children and 14.6% in adolescents ³ .

Today various essential oils and other natural assets such as plant extracts, bee products and seawater are scientifically analyzed and used in otorhinolaryngology, especially for their anti-infective properties, to reduce mucosal inflammation and facilitate clearance. nasal.

One of the essential oils known for its antiviral effect and its decongestant properties is the Ravintsara organic essential oil (Link to oil), present in the PURESSENTIEL respiratory range consisting of Active ingredients 100% of natural origin , adapted to each patient according to their needs.

AEBBD essential oil (Botanically and biochemically defined). Conceived according to good development and manufacturing practices, guaranteeing the absence of doping substances.

• Without preservatives
• Paraben free
• No synthetic fragrance
• Not diluted in vegetable oil
• Without coloring

Free your nose with two sprays!

The Hypertonic Nasal Spray Puressentiel RespOK is a solution of 100% natural origin (Associating hypertonic seawater, echinacea, propolis, rosemary hydrolate and 4 essential oils). It does not irritate, it does not contain chemical vasoconstrictors, or synthetic perfume or preservatives. Cleans, moistens and decongests the nose.

Instructions for use:

Adults: 2 sprays per nostril.
Children (>3 years): 1 spray per nostril (max. 5 times/day).

It is effective from the first minutes, its immediate action frees and purifies the mucous membranes.
Undoubtedly a solution from the first symptoms to recover respiratory comfort! Ideal for the whole family and children from 3 years .

From the first day, respiratory comfort improves, with a satisfaction level reaching 78% of the volunteers on the eighth day, and a non-irritating action certified by an otolaryngologist, even after 8 days .


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