Spring has arrived and its long season of coughs, runny noses, sore throats and fever, and tired parents and their parade to the emergency room! But it is not a fatality, we have many solutions for prevent and treat colds. To begin with, we can remember these tips:

  • The best defense is preparation to cope with low temperatures and the proliferation of germs: eat foods rich in vitamins , to drink water of the time and not very cold, to stimulate natural defenses and sleeping well are even more key at this time.
  • The best attack is daily hygiene:
    - Ventilate , open the window every day, to renew the air inside the house. Also, germs are more comfortable with heat, which is better not cover so much to the little ones and that they do not sweat.
    - Handwashing Frequently clean surfaces cough into a tissue or in the crook of the elbow to prevent spread.
  • Control heating and humidity : the heat lowers the humidity of the air at home, and this lack of humidity dries out our noses and mucous membranes, which means that we do not evacuate germs as well, which we do not see, but we inhale the same. At home, a temperature of 21º during the day and no more than 19º at night, and a 50% humidity . *

We hold children accountable (and they love it!) with a quick and easy gesture to incorporate into their routine before going to sleep: brushing their teeth and then wiping their nose with a touch of a HYPERTONIC NASAL SPRAY , a medical device with seawater. See that it is enriched with eucalyptus, echinacea and propolis to raise the defenses. And in case of abundant mucus, use it 3 times a day and avoid aggressive washing and vacuuming: CLEAN YES, ATTACK NO!

When they have colds, you can change their usual shower gel for a RESPOK SHOWER AND BATH , with eucalyptus to rub the skin and release aromatic vapors into the hot water, as if it were a giant steam! **

On the table in the living room, make available a AB LOTION or a HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL to clean hands at any time without drying them out. And put this great little trick into action at the office, in the daycare, at home, or wherever they sneeze in front of you!: the last one out of there, don't forget to spray 1 touch of a PURIFYING AIR SPRAY with lemon , Pine tree and tea tree to improve the air. ***

And be aware of air quality!

Breathing pure air and 50% humidity really promotes everyone's well-being. It is the function of a HUMIDIFIER electric. In order not to stop using it after 2 days (it has happened to all of us!), look for a silent one: the system that releases ultrasound, which in turn disperses the water in micro-droplets of cold mist is all advantages. Let it last at least 1 hour, to reach the ideal humidity level in a room and turn itself off. Our favourite: the Puressentiel ® OVOÏD , with or without essential oils. Try it with the “DIFUSS RESPOK” mixture that diffuses eucalyptus or with the “ AIR PURO ” mixture that disperses tea tree. And enjoy the change of season with a smile!

* Also in the workplace, the temperature must be monitored: between 17º and 27º, and the relative humidity should be between 30 and 70% (or > 50% if there is a risk of static electricity) according to Royal Decree 486/1997 of April 14th. https://www.boe.es/boe/dias/1997/04/23/pdfs/A12918-12926.pdf . Ideal temperature in the workplace in winter: from 17º to 24º, according to the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR SAFETY AND HYGIENE AT WORK: Technical guide for the evaluation and prevention of risks related to the use of workplaces.- Madrid: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: INSHT, 1999.

* * Always ask for medical advice beforehand.
* *
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