We are going to mix 5 drops of Peppermint , 2 drops of exotic Verbena and 5 drops of Incense . Directly in the bowl of a diffuser on gentle heat, or in a humidifier with half the container of water, for a diffusion of 30 min (double the amounts if you leave it on longer, but not more than 2 hours).

  1. PEPPERMINT , toning and anti-infective (due to its menthol, eucalyptol and menthone) is our star in this mixture: 5 drops are enough, more could give a sensation that is too fresh for sensitive eyes and children.

#Aromaadvice: a sugar cube can be impregnated with 1 drop of Peppermint, 1 drop of Ravintsara and 1 drop of Eucalyptus Radiata in case of a cold, or diluted in a teaspoon of honey (for > 6 years). Caution: Peppermint is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women, and children <7 years of age. In another post, we will tell you about the differences between all types of mint, because yes: despite looking alike, they contain different molecules, so it is important to know what type it is (mint, Moroccan mint, field mint...) , described thanks to its botanical name in Latin! Reference: D.Festy - My bible of essential oils. Ed. Leduc).

2. In our synergy, LITSEA CUBEBA , called exotic Verbena, provides a calming effect +++ (because of the citrals it contains) and anti-infective ++. It makes us smile. Its smell takes center stage, so 2 drops are enough to balance the mix.

3. INCENSE allows us to provide an Antifungal power ++, antibacterial Gram + and - (alphapinene, limonene). It is an anti-stress relaxant. Excellent in diffusion: it purifies the air and is an immunostimulant. Its smell is subtle, you can add 5 drops to the mixture or more.

#Aromaadvice : you can use the AE of Incense on the skin, it is healing. It is diluted to 20% in this case in a vegetable oil. For example in AV Rosehip for a regenerating anti-aging synergy or in Apricot Kernel AV for a light effect.

Summarizing: 5 drops of mint + 2 drops of litsea + 5 drops of incense for a 30 minute diffusion. Inhale the effluvia in any type of diffuser and relax!

We like for this type of diffusion, a SOFT HEAT DIFFUSER , without water, like the PLUG-IN DIFFUSER . The heat quickly releases the aromatic molecules, they are the ones that have a smell, and thus the first to reach the nose and act on the olfactory receptors. The Verbena is citrusy, it's like being in a field, the Mint is refreshing and the Incense is soft, comforting.

What interests us in scientific aromatherapy is that we add pure essential oils: then the aromatic molecules also quickly reach the millions of nerve receptors that the nose contains for a general action: the nervous system, in this case, relaxes and the natural defenses they are stimulated.

#Scentadvice: If you want to easily carry your diffuser from room to room, choose cordless portable diffusers : try the cordless mini diffuser DIFFUSION&GO , that works with ultrasonics and without water, that is, waves that "explode" the liquid into pure microdroplets without altering or diluting them, for a effect even faster. It is recharged with the mobile cable. Or try the diffuser too NOMADA , which works with a fan: allows to have a very soft smell, perfect for the smallest spaces like a bathroom or an office. This one runs on batteries.

A pure essential oil is an active product. Precautions for use and contraindications: check with your doctor or pharmacist, especially pregnant women, lactating women, children <7 years of age and epileptics. Bibliography: L'Aromathérapie exactly - Pr. P. Franchomme and D. Penoël. Ed. Jollois.